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In 2012 Gaithersburg Architectural Millwork started its $6,000,000.00 capital expansion of Plant and Equipment and in February of 2014 opened its new 40,000 Sq. ft. addition bringing our total foot print to 75,000 Sq. ft. The addition added both new office space and shop floor area.  The wide open shop with high ceilings is brightly lit with both natural light and energy efficient lighting, and is temperature controlled. The modern manufacturing plant was filled with many new machines that are on the leading edge of computer-aided technology.  The additional space allowed GAM to install its own veneer equipment line and leave room for continued growth and equipment like the new Weeke Nested Base CNC Router that was just purchased and installed in 2016.  Along with all the equipment upgrades we also upgraded software keeping us on the leading edge of Technology.

Equipment List

Weeke Vantech 510 Nested Base CNC Router
Homag Venture 316L 5-Axis CNC Router
Busellato Jet 6000XL CNC Router
Homag Ambition 2240 Edge Bander with Return Table
Brandt Optimat KD 78 Edge Bander
Holzma HPP350 Horizontal Beam Panel Saw
(2) Hendrick Vertical Beam Panel Saws
Altendorf F45 Sliding Table Saw
(3) Powematic Table Saws
Weeke Optimat 4BD 050 Dowling Machine
Gannomat Concept 70 Case Clamp
Langzauner Perfect Veneer Saw
Kuper Fl1 1000 Veneer Edge Gluer
Joos Hot & Cold Panel Press
Heesemann MFA 6 Impression (4) Belt Sander
Col-Met EZ Heat Cure Negative Pressure Dust Proof Spray Booth
Jib Crane with Vacuum Material Lift