Dylan Ferrell

Custom Production Engineer

Dylan joined the Gaithersburg Architectural Millwork family in February 2020. He started his career in a custom metal shop in Manassas, VA sweeping the floor. Working his way up into the office drawing all items needed for custom cabinets, chef counters, oven hoods, stairs, and railings. Programming CNC machines to produce those parts and guiding other co-workers to assemble the projects.

Here at Gaithersburg Architectural Millwork Dylan mostly does 3D modeling of custom reception desks, banquettes, islands, etc. Programs the CNC machines and makes labeled drawings for assembly on the shop floor, and production drawings for our metal shop. Dylan also won the safety slogan contest last year with the slogan “SAFETY IS NO ACCIDENT!”

Virginia born and raised, Dylan likes to camp, hike, and canoe the Rappahannock river in his free time as well as playing video games and messing with his 3D printer. He is excited about future growth opportunities and ability to gain additional knowledge and skills here at GAM.