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Forest Stewardship Council®

We are FSC® certified (FSC® C112971)
FSC® Chain of Custody (CoC) certified (SCS – COC – 004365) Products are available as FSC Certified upon request.

FSC is the gold standard for responsible forest management, which means it protects wildlife habitat, restricts hazardous chemicals, limits clearcut size, and requires larger buffers along rivers and streams.  FSC restricts hazardous chemicals, to ensure we protect the health of our environment and people in the surrounding communities, allowing our society to continue to use timber, paper, and packaging.

FSC Chain of Custody (CoC) is the path taken by forest products from the forest to the end consumer. The (CoC) path begins in the forest and follows the supply chain through processing, manufacturing, and distribution. At each step along the supply chain, forest products are tracked ensuring that a credible FSC claim can be made on the outgoing product.

FSC forests store more carbon than traditionally managed forests.  Forest products also store carbon.  By storing more carbon in the forests, FSC is a powerful tool in the fight against climate change.  Forests are the lungs of our planet.  FSC keeps them healthy, to make sure we have clean air to breathe.

FSC certified forests have environmental, economic, and social benefits.  Zero deforestation means, although trees are harvested, there is no net loss of forest over time.  Environmental protection, FSC certification requires biodiversity to be maintained, and high conservation value areas including old growth forests.

FSC is a simple action with a profound impact, creating a legacy of healthy forests for future generations by bringing diverse groups together to protect forests.  FSC ensures we respect the rights of Indigenous Peoples and local communities.   FSC certification requires forest inhabitants to be consulted and engaged, and cultural rights to be maintained. FSC certification requires training, safety, and decent wages for all workers.

FSC is the most trusted sustainable forest management solution.  FSC is the only forest certification endorsed by leading environmental organizations, including the World Wildlife Fund.  FSC is also the only recognized forest products certification standard for both the leading global green building promotion schemes: Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) and the Living Building Challenge. It is also recognized by the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method, the world’s longest establish sustainability assessment method for planning projects, infrastructure, and buildings.