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LEED Compliant

At Gaithersburg Architectural Millwork we are environmentally friendly and strive to do our part to improve the overall health of the planet and its people.  As it stands, there are many sustainable options and alternative that exist for the construction industry.  This is how we contribute to the cause of a better environment. 

We focus on being LEED Compliant, sustainable construction involves the use of environmentally friendly and non-toxic finishing solvents such as glue, paint, panel products, and LEED compliant components in our fabrication process.

Eco-friendly building materials are not always sustainable. There is a difference between eco-friendly wood and sustainable wood. Sustainable wood is FSC certified. Here at Gaithersburg Architectural Millwork, we are FSC® certified (FSC® C112971) and use sustainable wood which reduces carbon footprints and toxicity.

AWI Quality Certification Program | Proud Member Since 1981

The Architectural Woodwork Institute (AWI) is a nonprofit trade association founded in 1953. Today, AWI represents nearly 3000 members consisting of architectural woodworkers, suppliers, design professionals and students from around the world. AWI has produced and collaborated on the development of standards in accordance with its mission from its founding in 1953 to the present day.

Gaithersburg Architectural Millwork has been a member since 1981.  We are a Quality Certification Program (QCP-licensed) member and are held to the highest standards of the AWI. All QCP licensed members have been vetted and can fabricate and install millwork projects that meet and exceed AWI standards. Individual Projects can also be QCP certified, meaning the project itself has been inspected by an experienced QCP inspector or an established QCP-licensed woodworking firm. All registered projects receive OCP Labels. Ask us about having your project registered.

The benefits of specifying, Quality Certification Program (QCP),

Expertise, all QCP-licensed woodworking firms undergo rigorous testing and inspection by a national network of industry experts. Hire a QCP-licensed firm and your project will be of the highest quality and handled with the utmost integrity.

Total Protection, when specified, QCP project certification protects all parties if the interior woodwork does not meet specification upon inspection. You can request inspection at no cost, and the woodworker is required to correct any deficiencies within a specific time frame.

Peace of Mind, during inspection, the QCP representative, an industry expert, reviews the shop drawings to confirm they meet all specifications and quality standard requirements, significantly reducing the possibility of non-compliant work.