Mike Boyde

Warehouse Supervisor

I walk in faith daily bringing positivity and a vibrational high frequency energy. My three children keep me on my P’s and Q’s. Although I never graduated from a collegiate institution, over the last 2 decades | have studied in various fields. From business management to computer tech to coding to crypto trading. I never stop learning. I have been in warehousing and logistics for ten plus years now. I have managed restaurants and warehouses. Also, I have worked in customer service and the government under the department of the Army. I first became involved with Gaithersburg in February of this year after I got a notification from one of my job search apps. After further research into the company’s dynamics, I applied immediately. The rest is history. I spend my time outside of work exercising, spending time with the kids, learning more and traveling. It has truly been a joy working with Gaithersburg.