Wes Hamby

Vice President of Project Management

Gaithersburg Architectural Millwork is proud to announce that Wes has been promoted to Vice President of Project Management.  Wes will be taking the reins from Mark Sutphin who is also the Vice President of Project Management.  Mark will be retiring Spring 2022. 

Wes is a self-motivated go getter, he has over 30 years of combined residential and commercial experience. He began in the construction industry not long after he could tie his own shoes. Under his father’s wing, he was “underage and under paid”. His first lesson was the importance of cleanliness on the jobsite. Along the way, he has restored, remodeled, and built structures from the ground up. From sweeping floors to opening his own construction company, there was no doubt he had a passion for Architecture. Finally, his path has led him to become Sr. Project Manager/Sales with Gaithersburg Architectural Millwork. Not only has the journey taught him the fundamentals, perseverance, and skillset needed to meet project deadlines, but most importantly, customer satisfaction. His organization, communication, and client driven workmanship has proven to be a key asset to successfully managing low end to multi-million-dollar, WBC award winning projects.

Once he knows his clients are satisfied, Wes enjoys spending his spare time outdoors with his Wife, Daughter and two Texas Heelers.