Ashburn, VA

General Contractor: HBW Construction
Architect: Forma Design

Bloo Dental, named for the phonetic pronunciation of the common color, Dr. Rahim’s favorite shade which reminds him of his favorite place, the ocean, is in Ashburn, Virginia. The contemporary, unique design was created by Forma Design. The architectural woodwork for the office was fabricated and installed by Gaithersburg Architectural Millwork. The family practice occupies 2,500 square feet and took approximately six months from design to completion. The project took its inspiration from the client’s love of the water and the ocean. Specific styling cues were the curved surfaces, much like waves, and semi-gloss lacquer finishes coupled with glass panels, super graphics, and filtered light. Gaithersburg Architectural Millwork provided the reception desk, checkout desk, curved back banquette, Interlam panels, iconic sea pod panels, benches, casework, café waiting area and countertops. Pieces were all made of high-pressure decorative laminate, all in glacier white. This is one wave you want to catch for a unique and calming visit to the Dentist.

Bloo Dental was the recipient of the AWI Standard of Excellence and featured in the Design Solutions magazine.