Fairmont Hotel

Washington, DC

General Contractor: GCS Sigal Construction
Architect & Interior Designer: ForrestPerkins

When you walk into the lobby of the Fairmont Hotel you can feel the Power and Prestige of our Nation’s Capital. This renovation was a collaboration between GCS Sigal Construction, Architect and Designer ForrestPerkins, and Gaithersburg Architectural Millwork. ForrestPerkins design inspiration came from the geometry and aerial view of Washington, DC. Their theme is reflected in the metal, wood, limestone, and marble features crafted by Gaithersburg Architectural Millwork. We hung over 1,800 pendants from the ceiling in a very specific pattern; each pendant had a specific location identified by a huge ceiling template used for placement. Each pendant was hung one by one creating an eclectic yet tailored visual. This was an extremely unique installation experience requiring the coordination of our team to organize 1800 boxes of pendants each different from the surrounding ones. By traditional millwork standards, this was an epic undertaking.

The lobby, lounge, ballroom, and outdoor courtyard renovation, featured, an updated bar, reception area, column base surrounds, bronze metal with coordinating wall panels, reception, and concierge desk. Forrest Perkins, concept for the lobby was to pay homage to the Neoclassical architecture and geometry of Washington, DC. The use of dark walnut panels creates a warm, yet dramatic transition to present day design befitting a hotel with an international address in the Nation’s Capital.

Fun fact, the lobby was completed just in time for the RNC to rent the space for the 2016 Presidential Inauguration! Gaithersburg Architectural Millwork is no stranger to a short timeframe, and it has never slowed us down, nor has it compromised our quest for excellence.