FN America

McLean, VA

General Contractor: Bognet
Architect: DBI Architects

As you hear the name “FN America” you think first responders, military, and constitution. When entering the room nothing reminds you of those thoughts more than an entire feature wall filled with a rich history of disassembled gun parts from days past to present. The wall takes you back in time to present-day showcasing weapons used by first responders who risk their lives keeping your family safe and living in a “free” country. Adjacent to the gun display is a lovely wooden plank wall with a reclaimed wood stain that accents the gun feature which brings the ambiance of an “at home” feel. Though the plank wall was straightforward, the gun wall faced some in-depth ingenuity. For every gun part, we required a solution to keep all pieces on the same face plane, properly proportioned and securely fastened. All pieces required a three-step process, one for placement, two for pre-priming/painting, and third for final attachment and final painting. Due to the sheer weight of the gun parts the wall was fabricated out of (4) 4”x4” steel tubes from floor to ceiling, anchored to the floor above existing pillars. Each portion of the gun wall was fabricated in 24”x24” sections allowing the installer to safely handle each portion and properly secure to the structural wall. The installer used his panel map to decipher proper layout of each gun panel, the wall came together as one great overall piece of art.